Joint National roundtable with KHoGU and IET TSUC

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June 19, 2021, in Khujand, Tajikistan within the framework of the UNICAC project and with the initiative of the National Erasmus+ Office in Tajikistan, Khorog State University and the Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC have organized a national roundtable. A national roundtable bringing together field experts from Higher Education Reform Experts, Czarina Nuriddinova, Erasmus+ coordinator in Tajikistan, Nurova Sanavbar, Moscow State University branch in Dushanbe, Olga Sayfulloeva, Khorog State University and teaching and administrative staff from IET TSUC. During the national roundtable, key speakers brought the most relevant topics related to higher education internationalisation, including the importance of internationalisation strategy, international cooperation in higher education, higher education trends, etc.

The director of the IET TSUC Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan delivered a welcome speech, giving an overall picture of internationalisation processes, how they are tackling the issues of internationalisation during the COVID-19 pandemic and what is their vision in terms of Internationalisation. It is therefore to mention that Hoshimzoda Homid Hasan is involved in developing the new Strategic Plan for Internationalisation of IET TSUC in the framework of the UNICAC project. He has mentioned that the strategic development of IET TSUC is based on the comprehensive internationalisation of the university, that is, the university strives for the continuous development of the institute, taking into account the improvement of teaching, learning, research activities, and modernization of infrastructure, through international projects and their international network, which is mainly developed in the Erasmus+ opportunities.

Using the opportunity of being Khorog State University and the Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC in the same room, NEO Tajikstan has decided to follow up with UNICAC implementation. Ms. Czarina Nuriddinova has opened a meeting, shared her impressions, and some insights from the current monitoring of the UNICAC project, which had a positive assessment. The main part of her presentation was dedicated to the new ERASMUS+ programme 2021-2027, and the offered opportunities for HEIs.

The Higher Education reform experts Nurova Sanavbar and Olga Sayfulloeva continued with the interesting topics on the Internationalisation of the curriculum, business engagement in designing study programs, microcredits in higher education, and entrepreneurial education. The relevant topics raised many questions in the room and participants were proactively discussing them. In the break partnership opportunities and joint projects between Khorog State University, Institute of Economy and Trade of TSUC and Moscow State University branch in Dushanbe were discussed.

At the end of the day, a roundtable with experts, Erasmus coordinators and students of the IET TSUC was organized. Students demonstrated their informedness of the UNICAC activities and Erasmus+ programme opportunities. The interested in UNICAC virtual mobility students were proactively asking questions and sharing own thought regarding studying abroad and experience the international culture.

We started the series of workshops from the big picture with a large timeframe, and we ended it in individual level with very short timeframe: Tomorrow, when you go to work, what concrete steps will YOU take towards internationalization?